June 2013

So Many Anti-Aging Creams! Which One To Use

It can be overwhelming to decide which sunscreens and anti-aging creams to use, so I thought I would share my thoughts. I borrowed a page out of a cosmetic dermatology skin care journal years ago, and I laminated it to use as a teaching tool for patients. I like it because it is unbiased and talks in classes of products, instead of naming any specific brands. To summarize, the main categories are retinoids, keratolytics, bleaching agents, antioxidants and photoprotection. The first and the last are the most important, and most dermatologists start with these. Since this article has been published, peptides and growth factor creams have come on the market. To simplify, If you do the same workout for your body over a long period of time, it may cease to give you the improvements you are looking for. I feel the same way about products; I use a combo of things for say 4 to 6 months -or until the bottle is out- then I switch to ‘shake it up a bit’. So don’t be surprised if after you finish a product I switch you! If you have a favorite sunscreen, you don’t have to change that though. If after months of using a particular product you are receiving compliments, remember that and rotate back to it after a break. Don’t you feel the same about shampoos? Doesn’t your hair respond better after changing it every so often?

Getting back to sunscreens. Find one youactually like putting on in the am even if it is a few dollars more and you will most likely really do it. If the skin cancer threat doesn’t get you to wear it, maybe vanity will! In the Times-Picayune 6/5/2013 and USA today of the day prior, there is an article which shows that  after 4 years of daily sunscreen use on the hands, participants were 24% less likely to show signs of increased aging.

I need to give you a ‘heads up’ that I will be unavailable from June 21 to July 9. So, if you have been putting off making a appointment, call tomorrow or hopefully it can wait til I return.

So what’s new and are there any promotions? The newest botulinum toxin is Xeomin and I have been using it for several months now. All the articles I have read have stated it is equal to the others. The advantage with this one is if someone develops antibodies to the competitor products, this one can still work!  It’s priced about the same but the company that makes this also makes a good filler called Belotero Balance (another hyaluronic acid) for fine lines and wrinkles. From now until the end of August: If you get this filler, you get one area of Xeomin for free! I am adding

Saturday June 15th on the schedule for this month to make sure you are able get in.

Thank you for your interest!

Dr. Sharon Meyer