Belotero is one of the latest and newest dermal fillers on the market. These injections have the ability to integrate with the tissues of your skin, providing you with a look that has more volume, and adds a youthful shape to your face. They are composed of Hyaluronic Acid, a compound naturally found in our bodies. Belotero injections are popular because they reduce lines and wrinkles while still leaving the natural contours of your face. These injections are known to have results that look natural.

‘Who are the best candidates for Belotero?’, you may be wondering. If your main areas of concern are lines around your nose or creases around your mouth, Belotero injections may just be for you. While the injections are versatile, they are most indicated for the nasolabial folds, “smile lines”, and those pesky vertical lines around your lips.

Some common questions are, ‘Will I be bruised and swollen?’ and ‘How long will the results last?’ Most patients look totally normal with a little makeup to hide minor bruising within one hour of receiving injections. Because of its soft formula, the exciting new results of Belotero can be expected to last for six months.

If you have any questions regarding Belotero injections or are wondering if it is right for you, give Uptown Dermatology a call. We look forward to hearing from you!