Sculptra is an injectable most commonly used to restore loss of volume in the face. It is made of poly-l-lactic acid and is the first facial injectable that really does have a natural result. In addition to being effective in treating the deep folds between the nose and the mouth, chin lines, and smile lines, these injections are also commonly used for individuals who are noticing a hollowing at their temples. This loss of volume in the temples is common in those individuals with a thin face.

Different doctors have different methods of administering these injections. Since Sculptra has an interesting way of working, not all patients receive the same amount of injections in the same durations of time. Let me clarify this. It works to replace the loss of collagen in the tissue underneath the skin. On average, about three injection sessions over a few months time are needed for Sculptra patients to most effectively do the trick. Underneath the surface of your skin, the injections help to reinforce the skin’s structure. This reinforcement of the collagen gradually restores the fullness that has been lost with aging. The keyword is gradually. The results are gradual and subtle. You won’t see these results immediately. The injections continue to work over time, creating an appearance that is noticeably more youthful.

Is Sculptra safe and are there any side effects? Sculptra is FDA approved and is safe for use as indicated. Some side effects may be mild bruising, swelling, bleeding, and injection site pain. Additionally, individuals may have small lumps after treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about these injections or would like to know if Sculptra is right for you, contact Uptown Dermatology. We look forward to hearing from you!