Theraplex Lotion

Theraplex Lotion is a moisturizer created by Dr. H.R. Suess and Dr. Eugene Gans. What makes Theraplex Lotion so unique is that it delivers petrolatum to the skin without 90% of the greasy oils that are naturally found in it.

Petrolatum is superior in providing needed moisture to very dry skin. The complaint, however, has always been that the substance leaves skin too greasy. The hydrosilicon delivery system engineered by the two doctors enables the petrolatum to be delivered deep into the cracks and fissures of dry skin, eliminating the oil and grease normally seen in petrolatum.

If you suffer with extremely dry skin, Theraplex Lotion may be right for you. Dr. Sharon S. Meyer can evaluate your skin and determine the best treatment for your dry skin. We look forward to hearing from you!