Eyelash Enhancer & Microneedling

October 2015

We are carrying a new eyelash enhancer called Alphaeon. Several patients had complained about Latisse making their eyes itch.  Once again, I had to try the new product on my staff first before recommending it to you. She certainly has fuller lashes (see below) and it’s less expensive than Latisse. And no itching! Just drop in to purchase. Latisse works of course-I am just giving you options.
My excitement over microneedling continues. I have added another picture so that you can see my patient after two treatments. I have donated a large auction item to A’s and Ace’s whereas you get a package with 2 microneedling procedures, a light chemical peel and two 3 ml bottles of Latisse (value 965).   The auction is November 11. If interested in getting a good deal, you can email Freya the outreach coordinator at outreach@asandaces.org to put in an absentee bid. I would invite you to the fundraiser but it is at a private home so you better ask Freya about that!  I would love for you to support this organization with me (A’s and Ace’s.) If you want to book microneedling with either myself or Dr. Jacob, just call the office. We can do full face and necks too!


Microneedling: Before and After picture of a patient of mine in which I targeted the fine lines around her eyes. The top picture was taken before any procedure had taken place, the bottom picture was taken several months after the second procedure.


After using our new eyelash enhancer for 6 weeks. She does not have mascara on in either picture.