How do you make your Latisse bottle last up to three times as long?

If you read the instructions on the box, it states to use one drop per eyelash and a new applicator per drop. This is the way it was presented to the FDA so it has to say this. In discussing this with other dermatology colleagues, however, we have found that one drop for both eyes works just fine. Use the same applicator because much of the product remains on the brush after stroking one lash. How do you do this? Take the cap off the bottle, turn the cap upside down, and place ONE drop into the bottom of the cap. Dip the brush in, stroke one upper lash, then just re dip to stroke the other lash. The second eye will still get plenty of product! The following week, start with the opposite eye so one eyelash won’t always be the one that gets the first swipe. After you have been using Latisse for awhile, it is not necessary to use everyday-try three of four days a week. Now your bottle is lasting almost three times as long! Oh, I almost forgot…I also drag it across my eyebrows. Although not yet FDA approved for this indication, it is being looked into so there is thought it may work.