Scabies Treatment

Scabies is a common infestation of the skin by tiny microscopic mites. Most seen in hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term facilities, it is a worldwide problem. In fact, there are an estimated 300 million cases every year. Spread most commonly through sexual contact, symptoms include small red itchy bumps that usually appear between fingers, around the waist, genital area, and feet. Since outbreaks appear in clusters, it is not uncommon to have several members of the same community be diagnosed with a scabies infestation.

If you suspect you may be itching due to a rash caused by scabies, you should visit your doctor. After determining that you likely do, indeed, have a scabies infestation, your doctor can easily treat you with a scabicide topical which will kill the mites. To immediately relieve itching, a cortisone cream may be used as well. Just as it may take days for your rash to develop, symptoms may take a few days to diminish as well. If you suspect you may be dealing with or need scabies treatment, patients should contact the office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Meyer is an experienced dermatologist who can answer your questions and treat scabies. Call Uptown Dermatology today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.