Tips for Winter Itch

How and when to moisturize

Our office visits for “rashes” and itchy skin go up dramatically in the cooler months in New Orleans. A great percentage of these are secondary to just dry skin.

Sometimes our skin can become so dry that we get “nummular eczema”, which are round, sometimes red, patches that can resemble ringworm. Fortunately, this condition responds to dry skin treatment including lubrication and prescription steroid cremes, and not ringworm medicine.

To help prevent dry skin, moisturize regularly! An ideal time is immediately following a shower, while you are still wet. Keep a bottle of oil in the shower, and put a few drops in your hand and apply to your body before getting out. Then, pat lightly with a towel to dry off.

My personal favorite is Theraplex Clear Lotion by Medicis as it does not leave an oily residue, though Neutrogena Sesame Oil is also worth a try. While I find oil a little easier to use, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Creme, and Cerave Lotion or Creme are also good alternatives.

Underwear for Your Lashes?

Achieve longer lashes with an “eyelash primer”

How many of you have ever used an “eyelash primer”? I hadn’t until several years ago and boy, does it make your lashes appear longer, whether you are using Latisse or not.

My nurse, Vanessa, refers to it as underwear for your lashes. Jane Iredale makes a good product, called “Purelash Extender and Conditioner”.

If you haven’t used an eyelash primer or conditioner before, have a look at our January Bonus below.